Our cast and crew are the backbone of our performances.  Most are community members, ordinary men, women and children taking ordinary stories and transforming them into extraordinary performances.  We made a commitment to seek a diverse group, as indicative of our community as possible.  All are volunteers and after our two inaugural seasons saw that the magic that occurred was a direct result of the time, talent, love and respect they put into each performance.

Cast testimonials:

What a cross section!  I’ve met more Sanford residents in one week of rehearsal than I have in the last year of living here!


…it is still hard to see how this will all come together.  Have to trust the professionals that everything will all fall into place.


It is really a blast.  The music is extremely cool.  Man, the play roles are fantastic scenes. Everybody accepts everybody.


The full reality hit me at that moment. This play couldn’t be just fluff, it had to have heart, compassion , depth and be everyone’s story. It made me want to be a part of bringing this story to the stage more than ever.

Celery Soup

230 E. 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771
Photography courtesy of John Pierce, Jr. | jpphotos.redbubble.com